Too often, there exists a disconnect in the life of a Christian. Too often, what a Christian does Monday thru Friday feels disconnected from the God they hope to encounter on Sunday morning. But therein lies the problem. God does not desire to encounter His children for only one hour each week. Rather, God wants the intimate encounter which takes place at the Holy Mass to be the climax of a relationship that pervades every moment, every joy, and every difficulty of His son’s or daughter’s week.

So how can this be possible? How can a Christian’s entire week be preparation of a heart ready to encounter the Real Presence of Christ at Mass? Simple: make Him the Lord of every part of your week. Invite God into every part of your week, offer yourself to Him and live how He wants you to live in every moment, therein fulfilling the Lord’s great command to ‘pray without ceaseing.’

Now, most Christians spend the majority of their week working. Afterall, everyone has no few bills to pay. But unfortunately, many Christians miss the opportunity to sanctify and make each moment of their occupational labors an act of prayer. How?…by spending 40, 50, or 60 hours giving their heart to their job, but then NOT giving it back to God by way of a tithed financial offering.

When the gifts of bread and wine are brought up to the altar, which soon after are transformed into the Body and Blood of the Lord, it is the case that those gifts ‘represent our lives.’ If your life is largely comprised of earning income (working), your offering and your connection between the week and Sunday worship will look largely financial.

In this way, even the dullest, most frustrating, difficult or monotonous moments at work can be an act of prayer knowing that you are worshiping God, first and foremost, with those earnings. Your spiritual life will take off, your relationships at work and elsewhere will grow in love, and grace will permeate your week.

And at the end of the day, 10%…that’s just a start…God wants your heart, your will, even your entire life.