As Catholic Christians, the people of Holy Spirit Parish are a worshiping community and a sacramental people.  As a people who have passed through the waters of Baptism, we are called to celebrate our faith in a public manner.

The purpose of our liturgy is to proclaim and invoke the reign of God; to do what Jesus has done and what He has commanded us to do in His memory.  To accomplish this, the liturgy requires the full, active, conscious participation of the assembly.

Our sacramental tradition also allows us to be public persons of faith, to experience God and reflect on that experience in deeply powerful ways.  Sacraments are means of divine grace instituted by Christ and entrusted to the Church, which truly make present what they signify.

Because we understand Baptism to be primary, all ministers come out of the assembly of the baptized.

          It is encouraged that candidates for these sacraments be enrolled and in regular attendance in Christian Formation classes the year prior to, as well as the year of, the celebration of the sacrament.  It is also expected that children and their parents will participate in preparation in addition to their regular class time.