New: Stewardship Report

Dear friends,

Some time ago I created a parish Stewardship Team, a group tasked with helping to develop and oversee implementation of some of the longer-range goals and plans for our parish family.  This is a group made up of members of the Parish and Finance Councils, as well as other parishioners involved in various dimensions of parish life.  We meet monthly to discuss input from the councils and work to prioritize and brainstorm elements of our broader mission and vision as a parish.  With our 50th anniversary approaching in 2025 (just a few short years away!) it seemed like an opportune time to create such a group.

One goal of mine is to make available a quarterly "Stewardship Report," which will contain information and reflections pertaining to the three dimensions of stewardship: prayer, service, and sharing.  These reports will provide information from a "higher altitude" than other forms of communication, like the bulletin or website, but will help us to see how the different things we do as a parish are part of our broader call from the Lord to be good stewards. 

On Easter Sunday, we published our first Stewardship Report in the bulletin.  It's available here, as well.  I hope this will be an informative and uplifting resource as we thank God for the mission and ministry He's entrusted to us.  Enjoy!


Synod on Synodality


Dear Brothers and Sisters,

As you might have heard, Pope Francis has called for a worldwide “Synod on Synodality,” which is already underway. The Greek originsof the word “synod” can be translated as “journeying together.” The Synod, then, is an opportunity to reflect on how the Church is journeying together – with the Lord and with one another. It is a time of prayer, discernment, and reflection as we consider how the Church is responding to God’s call and how we can be more responsive to His holy will. This is a process that will unfold at various levels, and we will have an opportunity to reflect together as a parish family. Here at Holy Spirit, we will be holding a number of “parish consultations,” opportunities for parishioners to gather and discuss our journey together. These gatherings will take place here at the church and will involve prayer, discussion, and reflection on some specific questions.


Our questions for reflection are:

1. How would you characterize Holy Spirit parish? Are we “journeying together” effectively? If not, please explain.

2. How is the parish equipping people as disciples of Jesus? What obstacles are we facing in practicing our faith? How is the parish helping us to face these obstacles, and what is still needed?

3. What areas and issues in the wider society is the Church focused on? Are there areas or issues we need to pay more attention to?


All parishioners are welcome to take part in this process. For those who are unable to attend a parish consultation, we will have an online form where you can submit your feedback electronically. Our responses will be organized in a document that will be sent to the diocese to be included in a report reflecting the entire diocesan church.

At this exciting time, both for our parish and for the wider Church, I hope that the Synod will be an occasion to renew our commitment as disciples of Jesus and to deepen our prayerful commitment to serve the Lord and one another.


Year of the Eucharist

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July 25, 2021

Seventeenth Sunday in Ordinary Time

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

     In today's gospel we hear of Jesus miraculously providing for thousands of people from what began as a small and simple offering - five barley loaves and two fish.  This miracle, recounted in chapter six of St. John's Gospel, sets the stage for what is commonly referred to as the "Bread of Life Discourse," Jesus's essential teaching on the Holy Eucharist, which is truly His Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity.  It is the perfect scripture to serve as the foundation for our Year of the Eucharist, which begins this weekend.  This special observance, which will conclude on All Saints Day (November 1) 2022, will be an opportunity for our entire parish community to grow in love and devotion to our Eucharistic Lord, to deepen our understanding of this central mystery of our Faith, and to strengthen our bonds of communion with our brothers and sisters, here at Holy Spirit and beyond. 

     At this Mass, and at every Mass, Jesus is truly present in the Eucharist.  He offers us the gift of Himself, that we might be nourished and strengthened as we journey toward our heavenly homeland.  He reminds us of his boundless love, and of his unceasing desire to be close to us, and us to Him.  There is no greater gift we have on Earth than Jesus in the Holy Eucharist, and there is no more privileged place to encounter Him than at Holy Mass.  May this liturgy and our entire Year of the Eucharist deepen our desire to receive and share Jesus, and may our offerings to the Lord be multiplied by Him for His eternal glory.  


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