Welcome to Holy Spirit!


It is a joy to welcome you to Holy Spirit Catholic Church, a warm and diverse parish community.  Together, we strive to live out our baptismal call, always professing Jesus Christ as the center of who we are and all that we do.  Each and every member of our parish family is a true blessing.

We are rooted in our weekly gathering for Mass where we experience Christ in his Word and Sacrament.  We have the opportunity to live a sacramental way of life through our active participation in over 50 vibrant ministries and Christian Formation classes from K-Adult.  We grow in faith as we continue to serve the Lord and one another.

Please know that Holy Spirit is here to help care for your spiritual needs.  If there is any way that we may assist you or if you are looking for an opportunity to serve at Holy Spirit, please contact our parish office. We look forward to praying, serving, and walking this faith journey with you.  Welcome home!

If you have been attending the parish for a while but have not yet registered, please take a moment to register. This allows us to have your important information kept securely in our database so that we might be able to better serve you.

I am interested in becoming a Catholic:

I have never been baptized

I was raised in a non-Christian faith (Jewish, Muslim, Buddhist, etc.) or I grew up in a Christian household but have never received baptism.

And now I want to become Catholic.


A Catholic / Roman Catholic is a baptized Christian

  1. who professes faith in the Blessed Trinity (Father, Son, and Holy Spirit) as revealed in sacred scripture,

  2. recognizes Jesus Christ as Son of God, who by his passion, death, and resurrection brought about our reconciliation with God through the forgiveness of our sins,

  3. is nourished and nurtured by the Holy Spirit through the grace of the sacraments,

  4. under the care of legitimate pastors in Apostolic Succession in union with the Bishop of Rome

The path to baptism involves a process of discernment with the assistance of the Christian Initiation Team (RCIA--Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults) made up of baptized Catholics who assist the pastor

I am a baptized Christian

I was baptized earlier in my life.

The person who baptized me may have been a minister or not, who either poured water on my head or immersed my entire body in a pool, and used the words "I baptize you in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit." I also practiced the Christian faith for a number of years as a member of another church community.


And now I want to be Catholic.

As a baptized Christian, you are already a member of the Body of Christ. Although you do not yet share full communion with the Catholic Church. your baptismal dignity gives you certain rights in the assembly of the baptized. If you join us for Mass, you have a place with us as we listen to the Word of God proclaimed and preached. You may also take a place among us during the Liturgy of the Eucharist, but should not approach the Table to receive Communion until you are formally received into full communion with us.

Full communion is a term that expresses our sharing in three significant aspects of life as Catholic Christians.

The first significant aspect is our profession of the same Christian faith, enshrined in the Apostle's Creed or the Nicene Creed, which we proclaim publicly at Sunday Mass. Many Christian communities profess one or other of these creeds regularly.


How do I get involved?

1.  If you have not yet registered, doing so will assist our Administrative Staff with your current contact information.

2. Each of our parish ministries function in the service of our Parish Mission.  Read the bulletin and listen for announcements that invite parishioner involvement in activities you might be interested in. Contact the listed ministry leader and offer to become part of the ministry team; or contact the Parish Office. The ministry leader will welcome you and provide the instruction necessary to join the ministry.

3. It is entirely your prerogative to be as involved as you choose in as many Holy Spirit Ministries as you desire. We hope your involvement in the life of the parish will be spiritually enriching and help build our parish community.

4. Please inform your ministry leader if you are no longer able or willing to assist in the ministry's mission. It is preferable that you don't just step back without communicating your true intentions. This will prevent any awkwardness, and enable you to get involved in other ministries with greater ease. When there is a misunderstanding or conflict, the ministry leader has the responsibility to address it before it is brought to the attention of the Pastor. It is our hope to resolve challenges so they do not cause damage to our unity or Christian charity.

5. Occasionally, parishioners will bring ideas or suggestions that will result in the creation of a new ministry or the restructuring of an existing ministry. All parish ministries need the approval of the Pastor to function at Holy Spirit Catholic Church. The Pastor reserves the right to establish or suppress parish ministries as he sees fit.