Liturgy Ministry Schedule

for RETURNING Liturgical Ministry members, please contact Beverly Boler

 Email: or call the Parish Office at (757) 468-3600 x116


Altar Servers

Serving at weekend liturgies; persons Grade 5 and up.

Contact:  Mike Sprangers

(757) 471-0053     

Holy Spirit VB

Candlestick Care



Cleaning liturgical candlesticks.
Contact:   Julie Rakowski

(757) 420-9150

Holy Spirit Catholic Church, Virginia Beach

Linen Care


Involves washing, ironing, properly hanging and caring for altar linens.

Contact: Carol Sprangers

(757) 468-3600


Music Ministry


The Music Ministry provides opportunities to worship & praise the Lord through vocal or instrumental music


Art & Environment


The Art and Environment team works creatively with the Director of Liturgy to develop ideas for decorating which will be implemented during the appropriate seasons throughout the liturgical year.
Contact:  Erin Laurence

(757) 468-3600, ext. 114


Audio Ministry


Members of the audio ministry must possess expertise in this field in order to be able to assist with all of the audio needs of the parish.
Contact:  Jeff Rakowski

(757) 621-3033

Image by Mateus Campos Felipe

Eucharistic Ministers


Ministering the Body and Blood of Christ at liturgy; recommended by pastor and appointed by the Bishop, workshops provided for parishioners who are Confirmed and are Roman Catholics in good standing*

Contact:  Erin Laurence

 (757) 468-3600 x114



Proclaimers of God’s word in the Sunday assembly; workshop training provided for adult, confirmed Roman Catholics in good standing*
Contact:  George Webb

(757) 962-2580

Mass Coordinators


The primary function of the Mass Coordinator is to provide a liaison between the celebrant and all other participants of the liturgy, thereby minimizing distraction and intensifying the joy of worship.
Contact:  Erin Laurence, Directory of Liturgy & Music

 468-3600 ext. 114

Toys on a Shelf



Due to COVID-19, the Nursery is currently closed.  Otherwise, the weekend liturgies have an employed babysitter and teenage assistant.  Children 6 months to 4 years are welcome.
Contact:  Katrina Cruz

(757) 468-3600 

Holy Spirit VB

Money Counters


Money counters count the offertory collections on a weekly basis.  Members are appointed by the Pastor.

Contact:  Lani Ulep, Business Manager,

(757) 468-3600 ext. 115


Plant Care


Caring for all parish plants, including ones used for seasonal liturgies.
Contact:  Erin Laurence

(757) 468-3600 ext. 114

Image by Kyler Nixon



Ushers serve a very important role at the parish as they are often the first people to greet and warmly welcome parishioners and guests upon entering the church.  The ushers help set the tone for the environment and are always prepared to answer basic parish-related questions and assist anyone in need when attending Mass.  Ushers help seat parishioners before the liturgy begins and provide direction during the reception of Communion and at the end of the service.  Some ushers are trained to safely clean and disinfect the worship space in between the Masses.

Contact: Conrad Westerman

(757) 636-6582

Wine Contribution


Providing Red Rose wine (with screw cap only) for liturgies.
Contact:  Joy Palm, Parish Secretary

(757) 468-3600, ext. 116

* A Catholic in good standing: attends Mass faithfully; is registered in the parish; has received all three Sacraments of Initiation (Baptism, Eucharist and Confirmation); if married, married in the Catholic Church or a marriage validated by the Catholic Church; if single, not living with another person in a romantic relationship or as a couple.