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“We choose with Jesus Christ to reach out to the poor, the hungry, the sick, the lonely, those in jail and whose lives are broken.  Through this ministry the vision of Christ may strengthen them and raise them in God’s spirit.” 

-Holy Spirit Parish Mission Statement

To implement that mission we offer committees …

–to serve the poor, helpless and powerless

–to change any unjust aspects of our society which causes people to suffer

–to provide opportunities for all parishioners to participate in the total Social Ministry of the church

–to educate our parishioners in concerns of peace and justice, especially as known in the teachings of the Pope and our bishops


To contact ministry heads, please call the Parish Office at (757) 468-3600


This ministry gives small farmers and crafters the opportunity to earn a fair price for their labor, get access to credit and training, and develop mutually beneficial, long term relationships with organizations and people who are dedicated to the principles of human dignity and economic justice.  Holy Spirit participates in Catholic Relief Services Fair Trade Coffee Program and serves coffee at mass and at parish functions.  To raise awareness about fair trade, periodically, the parish will sell coffee and chocolate at cost.

Contact:   TBD

Organic Vegetables

We have received so much from Our Lord – life, faith, freedom and family.  Along with these gifts, we’ve also been given the responsibility to be faithful and faith-filled stewards of our finances.  Explore the connection between faith and finances in your own life with “7 Steps to Becoming Financially Free”, a 7 week scripture-based practical study program which aims to help achieve balance between faith and finances and help us become better stewards of our God-given resources.  In this program, we will learn how to develop a healthy, wholesome and holy attitude when it comes to managing our money.  The program will be held intermittently during the year and will be announced in the bulletin and during Mass.  Each session lasts approximately 90 minutes and will take place on a weeknight for 7 consecutive weeks.  Sign ups will be held in the commons.

Contact:   Fina Lania, (757) 468-3600, ext. 117

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Through our St. Vincent de Paul ministry, the food pantry is open and we are able to serve clients in need.  We also have established a service for delivery of the food if the client is unable to come to the church for pick-up. 

Food items we are accepting include: oatmeal, cold cereal, breakfast bars, granola bars, cans of ravioli, beef stew, chunky soups, peanut butter, jelly, mac & cheese, pasta, canned meat, rice, beans, canned vegetables and fruit. Please contact the Parish Office, (757) 468-3600 for more information.


During the Easter and Christmas holidays, various parish groups coordinate the receiving and distribution of donated food items and Christmas gifts from parishioners for the needy of our parish and the local area in collaboration with VBDHS (Virginia Beach Department of Human Services).

Contact:  Katrina Cruz and Fina Lania at (757) 468-3600

Boxed Food

Community Dinner

Holy Spirit parishioners purchase ingredients for, prepare, deliver and serve dinner on scheduled Mondays between January and October at the Judeo Christian Outreach Center’s Community Dinner.  Those served are homeless and working poor persons of Virginia Beach.

Contact:  Mary Ellen Williams - 757-468-3600

Serving Food

JustFaith is a small group program of spiritual growth and challenge.  In the words of Jack Jezreel, founder and director of JustFaith:

“JustFaith is a justice education/formation program that provides an opportunity for parishioners to study and be formed by the justice tradition articulated by the scriptures, the Church’s historical witness, and Catholic social teaching. It seeks to integrate personal spirituality and social ministry, to empower participants to develop a passion and thirst for justice, and to express this passion in concrete acts….

JustFaith sessions employ books, videos, lecture, discussion, prayer, retreats, and hands-on experiences. The intent is to provide a tapestry of learning opportunities that emphasize and enliven the remarkable justice tradition of the Church. Participants are exposed not only to a substantive and demanding course of study but are also afforded the privilege of becoming a community with other participants and sharing a journey of faith and compassion that is both life-giving and challenging.”

JustFaith Programs: Good News People, JustFaith, Engaging Spirituality, Justice Walking and Just Matters are offered here at Holy Spirit and throughout the community.  People who participate in these formation programs hear the Gospel, become connected to their parish and form community in a new way.  They are inspired to work for change, becoming people who are committed to justice, the needs of the poor and vulnerable and they act to make the world better.

Contact:  Kathy Early - 757-468-3600

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Provides leadership and information for the parish on ecumenical activities, statements, events and concerns, and organizes participation in the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity and other annual ecumenical events.

Contact:  Dottie Latham, (757) 468-3600

Praying Hands

The Safety & Security Team and the Night Managers are essential ministries which help ensure the safety of our parish community and church building. 


Night Managers

Our Night Managers cover shifts in the evenings on a rotating schedule, Sunday through Thursday from 6:30 to 9:30 pm, while activities are taking place in the parish.  It is the Night Manager's responsibility to monitor the people entering and exiting the building throughout that time and to secure the entire church building at the end of the evening when the parish activities have concluded.    

Contact: Bob Lania, (757) 761-5042

Safety & Security Team

Our Safety and Security Team, which consists of medical, fire safety, and security personnel, provides protection for our parish family inside and outside the church building throughout every weekend liturgy.  Members of this ministry are assigned to their requested Mass time and serve before, during, and immediately following the liturgy.

Contact: Richie Martinez (757) 681-3688

Carlos Rosario (Security Team)

Richie Martinez (Security Team)


Prison Ministry is one of the most challenging outreach ministries.  In fellowship at the Virginia Beach Correctional Center on Wednesday (men) & Tuesday /Sunday (women) evenings, the ministry provides weekly Bible studies for both men & women. The atmosphere is spiritually rewarding & individuals come to feed on the word. Sessions are structural from a variety of biblical lesson plans. Further, the study presents group discussions & offers one an opportunity to express their commitment to Christ. Lay Leaders provide a variety of religious material to include large print Saint Joseph Bibles, Living Faith daily readings & other religious literature. Individuals who attend come from all Christian faiths, ethnic backgrounds & cultures. Prison Ministry, an opportunity to evangelize by walking with JESUS in bringing others to Christ. Matt 25, 36.

Affirming God’s love through weekly visits to the local correctional center to offer support and spiritual guidance to inmates through prayer and scripture sharing in collaboration with Correctional Department guidelines.  Bible study and reading materials are provided and distributed.

Contact:  Dave Laurence at

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