Pastoral Care is an outreach ministry to parish members who are ill, hospitalized, grieving the loss of a loved one, lonely, aging, homebound or in nursing homes. 


Pastoral care is a sharing of one’s time, self and faith with those who are suffering some kind of “brokenness.”  God desires us to be whole and to be healed, and Jesus frees, heals and makes people whole through us.  This ministry is a direct response to the Gospel message: “For I was ill, grieving, lonely, dying, afraid... and you visited me”. (Matthew 25:36)

Men and women who are interested in Pastoral Care Ministry participate in formation sessions to prepare them for this very important work of the church.  They learn how to minister to those suffering and to their families, to listen to others and to share the Eucharist with all who are unable to participate in our community celebration of Eucharist. 

If you would like to request this ministry for yourself or someone else, please contact the Staff Liason, Deacon Steve.  A pastoral care minister can visit and bring Communion either on a temporary or long term basis.  If you are entering the hospital, please call the office and inform them.  A pastoral care minister can be assigned prior to your admission.  If the admission is an emergency, please have someone contact the parish office as soon as possible.


Contact:   Deacon Steve Kuczma at (757) 468-3600 ext. 109  



Out of deep compassion and care for fellow parishioners who have recently lost a loved one, our Holy Spirit Funeral Committee provides a beautiful reception after the Funeral Mass, allowing for fellowship, during which time the extended family and guests may show their love and support to the grieving family.

Ministry Coordinator:  Betty Schroeder



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The Church presumes that all marriages are valid, binding spouses for life.  However, when couples separate and divorce, the Church examines in detail their marriage to determine, if right from the beginning, some essential element was missing in their relationship.  If that fact is established, it means that the spouses did not have the kind of sacred marital bond that binds them together for life.

The Church offers the opportunity for a divorced person to have his/her previous marriage examined in terms of the essential elements of the marital bond.  If an essential element is missing, then the Church issues a declaration of nullity (annulment) or invalidity and both parties to the previous marriage are free to marry in the eyes of the Catholic Church.

Since the Church views all marriage with respect, anyone, whether Catholic or not, who seeks to be married in the Church and is divorced must have his or her previous marriage annulled.

If you are divorced and would like to petition the Church to have your previous marriage annulled or declared invalid by the Church, you may contact Deacon Bob Smithberger or Fr. Sonny for information on the process.

If annulment is declared, the petitioner is free to celebrate a marriage in the Catholic Church or have an existing marriage “blessed” or recognized with the Church.  If the petitioner is in an existing marriage, he or she is then able to participate fully in the sacramental life of the Church.

Contact:  Deacon Bob at (757) 468-3600 ext. 109



Our Widows and Widowers Ministry provides care and support for parishioners who have suffered the devastating loss of a spouse.


Through prayer, scripture, conversation, and sharing, we bring comfort and hope into the lives of those who are grieving.  Professional speakers, informational videos, faith-based literature, music, and outreach projects are utilized to assist with the healing process throughout this difficult and challenging journey.   


The Widows and Widowers Ministry gathers at 10 am on the first Tuesday of every month in the church library and always welcomes new members.  

Please contact the facilitator of this ministry, Erin Laurence, in the church office for more information.


Contact:  Erin Laurence at (757) 468-3600 ext. 114


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