The Demands of Discipleship (My Weekly Update)

A blessed Friday, everyone! It's hard to believe September is already underway, and there are a number of exciting things happening here at the parish. As you've been hearing in the Gospels at Mass in recent weeks, Jesus is calling us to true, authentic discipleship. Jesus's teaching on discipleship comes to a sort of climax this weekend as Jesus lays is down for us in stark and dramatic terms. Take a few moments to prayerfully read through the Scriptures so you're better prepared to hear what He desires to speak to your heart!

Now, let's get to a few updates...

FAITH & FELLOWSHIP WEEKEND: It's that time again! Join us for fellowship (and a few donuts!) after Mass this weekend, hosted by the Society of St. Vincent de Paul. Not only will you get to enjoy a delicious treat, you'll also get to learn more about this important ministry, and hopefully get to know someone you haven't met yet.

YOUTH DISCIPLESHIP: In our prayerful discernment of where the Lord is calling us as a parish, it has become abundantly clear that He is inviting us to return to the simplicity of the mission entrusted to the Church: to love God, to love our neighbor, and to make disciples. This is a mission entrusted to each of us as followers of Jesus and must be the foundation for our very lives. To that end, what we used to call "religious education" will now be called Youth Discipleship. This is more than a simple "rebrand" or name change -- it's a deeper change of our method in order to support our mission. We'll be focusing with intensity this year on encountering Jesus, helping our young people to get to know Jesus in a deeper and more authentic way. As it happens in discipleship, bringing people closer to Jesus means that we too get closer to Him! This encounter will help us, both individually and collectively, grow in our love of the Lord and in our desire to surrender everything to be His disciples. If you have children who still need to register, or if you're interested in serving as a catechist, check out the forms on our Parishioner Portal. More information is in the bulletin.

ATTENTION FELLOW YOUNG ADULTS: (Yes, I'm still technically a young most measures!) Please join us for a cookout and potluck next Friday September 9th at 6pm. We'll be gathering in the parking lot near the barn. Bring a friend or two, a side to'll be a great evening. I look forward to seeing you there!

LABOR DAY: The parish office will be closed on Monday in observance of Labor Day. Thank you to our dedicated staff for their generous labors in the Lord's vineyard. I hope everyone enjoys a restful day.

COME, HOLY SPIRIT! Let us pray...

Come Holy Spirit,

fill the hearts of your faithful

and kindle in them the fire of your love.

Send forth your Spirit

and they shall be created.

And You shall renew the face of the earth.

O, God, who by the light of the Holy Spirit,

did instruct the hearts of the faithful,

grant that by the same Holy Spirit

we may be truly wise

and ever enjoy His consolations,

Through Christ Our Lord, Amen.