Wooden Steps


-Participate in Catholic Relief Services  CLICK HERE to learn more!

-Assist with the next food donation drive-thru  Contact Erin Laurence at 468-3600, ext 114

-Check out our St. Vincent de Paul Ministry

-Deliver food from the food pantry to those in need Contact Erin Laurence at 468-3600, ext. 114

-Reach out to the parish staff and see how your talents can be shared with our parish family.  Call (757) 468-3600 or email office@holyspiritvb.org

-From home Draw a picture for an elderly or homebound neighbor

Reach out to the lonely, elderly or homebound -- give them a call, write them a letter or a card, to check in


-Make a food or monetary donation to the food pantry

-Create a “loose change jar.”  Donate to the parish, or a charity of your choice.  You can compete with family and friends to see who collects the most change!

-Giving something up?  Calculate the money you’d normally spend on it, and donate that money to the parish to support those most in need:  DONATE ONLINE

-Donate an item(s) to Spirit House from their AMAZON WISH LIST

-Consider increasing your weekly offering  DONATE ONLINE

-Sign up for autopay/online giving Learn more HERE

-Sponsor a student or teacher at our twin parish in Haiti:  SPONSOR SIGN UPS


-Invite a friend or neighbor to join you for Mass

-Share our livestream page with someone you know, or post about it on your social media.  

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Holy Spirit's Facebook Page

Holy Spirit's Youtube Channel

Fired Up! Instagram Page

Fired Up! Facebook Page

-Reach out to someone you haven’t seen at Mass in a while

-Commit to sharing God’s love in one concrete way each day

-Pray in public, by yourself or even with someone you don’t know

-Volunteer to sponsor someone in the RCIA program

-Invite someone to join you for Stations of the Cross



-Spend a few moments each day reading Scripture.  You can follow along with the readings for Mass:  Click here for READINGS

-Attend daily Mass at least once a week during Lent

-Pray the Rosary each day, either by yourself or together as a family

-Spend some time in Eucharistic Adoration

-Celebrate the sacrament of Reconciliation

-Pray more intentionally for others Each Sunday, write a list of intentions and carry it with you to pray with each day of the week

-Create a faith-based conversation jar Discuss one topic with your family each day.  Click HERE to print, cut and place in a jar.