Participate in Catholic Relief Services

CLICK HERE to learn more!

Assist with the next food donation drive-thru

Saturday, March 20, 10am-12noon. Contact Erin Laurence at 468-3600, ext 114


Check out our St. Vincent de Paul Ministry

Next meetings - February 24 and March 10 (Meetings are held at 7pm in the church library or via zoom)

E-mail if interested.

Deliver food from the food pantry to those in need

Contact Erin Laurence at 468-3600, ext. 114

Reach out to the parish staff and see how your talents can be shared

with our parish family.  Call (757) 468-3600 or email


From home

Draw a picture for an elderly or homebound neighbor

Reach out to the lonely, elderly or homebound -- give them a call, write them a letter or a card, to check in


Make a food or monetary donation to the food pantry

Next Drive-Thru is Saturday, March 20 from 10am - 12noon

Create a “loose change jar.”  Donate to the parish, or a charity of your choice.  You can compete with family and friends to see who collects the most change!

Giving something up?  Calculate the money you’d normally spend on it, and donate that money to the parish to support those most in need:  DONATE ONLINE


Donate an item(s) to Spirit House from their AMAZON WISH LIST

Consider increasing your weekly offering as a special Lenten sacrifice:  DONATE ONLINE

Sign up for autopay/online giving.  Learn more HERE

Sponsor a student or teacher at our twin parish in Haiti:  SPONSOR SIGN UPS


Invite a friend or neighbor to join you for Mass


Share our livestream page with someone you know, or post about it on your social media.  

Holy Spirit Livestream

Holy Spirit's Facebook Page

Holy Spirit's Youtube Channel

Reach out to someone you haven’t seen at Mass in a while


Commit to sharing God’s love in one concrete way each day during Lent


Pray in public, by yourself or even with someone you don’t know


Volunteer to sponsor someone in the RCIA program

Contact: Deacon Bob Smithberger ( )


Invite someone to join you for Stations of the Cross

Stations of the Cross will be held at 7 pm each Friday throughout Lent.  You may attend in-person, adhering to the same social distancing and safety guides used for weekend liturgies, or participate via live-stream.


Spend a few moments each day reading Scripture.

You can follow along with the readings for Mass:  Click here for READINGS

Attend daily Mass at least once a week during Lent

Tuesdays and Thursdays at 6:15pm, Wednesdays and Fridays at 8am


Pray the Rosary each day, either by yourself or together as a family


Spend some time in Eucharistic Adoration

Each Thursday, 12:00 Noon - 6:00pm. SIGN UP for an HOUR

Celebrate the sacrament of Reconciliation

Tuesdays and Thursdays, 4:30-5:30pm or at our service on Wednesday, March 3 at 7pm

Pray more intentionally for others

Each Sunday, write a list of intentions and carry it with you to pray with each day of the week

Create a faith-based conversation jar

Discuss one topic with your family each day.  Click HERE to print, cut and place in a jar.

Faith-based Conversation Topics 

1.  Where do you see God in everyday life?

2.  How do you pray?

3.  Where and when do you feel closest to God, and why?

4.  In what ways can we spread God’s love?

5.  How can we share God’s mercy with others?

6.  How can we reconnect with God when we feel like we are drifting further away?

7.  What is your favorite part of the Mass, and why?

8.  What are some ways in which we might be able to strengthen our relationship with the Lord and grow closer to Him?

9.  What does the Eucharist mean to you?

10. How does the Lord impact your daily life?

11. What are you most grateful for?

12. How do we express our gratitude to God/others?

13. Do you have a favorite scripture passage? If so, what is it? Why does it speak to you so profoundly?

14. Discussion topic: Sacrament of Reconciliation

15. Share memories of family baptisms.

16. What does worship mean to you?

17. Discussion topic: Evangelization

18. What does prayer mean to you? What are different ways of praying?

19. Discussion topic: The Holy Spirit & The Gifts of the Holy Spirit

20. Explore your gifts and talents and think about ways in which you might be able to share these gifts at church or through  your involvement in a ministry.

21. What is God’s grace ?

22. What does faith mean to you?

23. How can we open ourselves up to “listen” to God in our lives? What are some of the different ways in which God might be speaking to us?

24. In what ways are we able to humble ourselves?

25. Discussion topic: The Sunday Gospel Reading

26. Ask your child/children about any questions, concerns, or clarification that may be needed on any faith –based topic and try to provide the necessary information for them to gain a better understanding. (Research the topic together as a family.)

27. Discussion topic: The Resurrection

28. How might we be able to more effectively reach out to those who have lost their faith, are struggling with their faith, and/or have been hurt by the church in some way to share God’s love with them in a caring, compassionate way to help encourage them to re-connect with their faith?

29. What does justice mean to you and how can we put that into action?

30. How might we be able to do a better job serving our brothers and sisters in need throughout our community?

31. Discussion topic: The Seven Sacraments and why they are such an important part of our Catholic Faith?

32. Why is it important to share our time, talent, and treasure with the Lord and His faithful people?

33. What do we hope to accomplish by making “sacrifices” during the season of Lent?

34. What is something new that we could try doing together as a family to bring us all closer to God?

35. Does faith grow on its own or is it something that we have to continually work on? In what ways might we be able to increase our faith?

36. What is one thing you would like to ask God?

37. What is holiness and how can we all strive to be more holy?

38. Share how you have felt when someone has forgiven you and then discuss the meaning and importance of forgiveness.

39. What is joy from the Lord?

40. How might caring for others be a way of expressing gratitude to the Lord

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 Embrace the disciplines of Lent in new and transformative opportunities
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Participate in Church Clean-up Day, assist in Food Drives, attend St. Vincent de Paul meeting



Sponsor a student in Haiti, support Spirit House, donate to food drives or give online



Invite a friend or neighbor to join you for mass, Stations of the Cross or to a Fired Up! meeting



Read Scripture, have faith-based conversations, pray the rosary, celebrate mass & reconciliation

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